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Astarte - Leading the Change: COP 26 and how we can really achieve its goals

October 28 2021

Leading the change: COP26 and how we can really achieve its goals

Almost 2 years into the COVID-19 pandemic, we approach the crucial COP26 Summit with the strongest demand for sustainability and the greatest emphasis on “building back better” that there has ever been. Now is the time for everyone that is in a position to make a difference to act fast and double down on concrete pledges and targets. In line with the COP26 objectives, our unique approach is focused on forward looking impact; in other words, how can we do everything we can to make a difference? 

At Astarte, we believe that private markets are particularly well-positioned to tackle climate change. Their longer investment horizons match well with the long-term implementation and transition of underlying assets towards ESG considerations. This is at the heart of what Astarte believes and how we act in building our sustainable investment platforms.

Our ambition is to lead the change and champion responsible investments within our industry. With our comprehensive ESG framework, we set responsible investing as the key pillar of our investment process. This in turn enables us to select and work with the best partners in the industry and be a catalyst to drive change. Together, we set forward-looking, concrete and transparent action plans to achieve the overall goals. These goals are fully aligned with the objectives set out by COP26.

Astarte wholeheartedly underwrites the objectives of COP26 as we demonstrate below.

Secure global net-zero by 2050 and keep 1.5 degrees within reach

COP26 emphasizes the important targets set out by the Paris Agreement, which are in line with limiting a temperature rise to 1.5 degrees by the middle of the century. It also focuses on the role forests play in removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

Astarte’s investment strategy is fully aligned with this goal. As part of our first flagship fund, ASOP I, Astarte has launched the SA Impact Forestry Fund (“SAIFF”), which is investing in the creation of new forestry assets to support the green and circular economies. This plays an important role in sequestering carbon from the atmosphere. In fact, our investment is equivalent to offsetting more than three times the annual emissions from London’s total car fleet.

Adapt to protect communities and natural habitats

Protecting and restoring habitats and communities are also a powerful way to boost climate resilience.

Through our sustainable impact fund SAIFF, we are proudly committed to protect and restore the native fauna and flora in South America by creating conservation zones. Prior to Astarte’s investment, these lands were used for low productivity cattle ranching.

We are also committed to protecting and working together with our local communities to avoid displacement and to promote opportunities. Through SAIFF, we are also employing a local workforce as well as creating a new forestry hub that will have a positive ripple effect on the overall local economy.

Mobilize finance

COP26 aims to unleash trillions from the private and public sector for the development of infrastructure, technology and innovation that is needed to transition to a greener and more climate-resilient economy.

This will unlock many opportunities in the real asset space and Astarte is uniquely positioned to act as a major catalyst in this process with its strategy of investing in natural capital such as forestry, agriculture and infrastructure. Deploying capital into sustainable investment platforms is at the core of Astarte’s DNA of taking action “that are right and that make a difference”.  Providing institutional investors with access to specialist real assets strategies that are supporting the objectives of COP26 is a key objective of our Astarte Special Opportunity Platform Funds (“ASOP I” and “ASOP II”).

Work together to deliver

Governments, business, and society need to work together to transform the way we power our homes and businesses, grow our food, develop infrastructure and move ourselves and goods around. By committing to work together to drive change we are laying the foundations for faster progress in the decades to come.

Astarte’s investment strategy is to invest across real assets in partnerships with the best-in-class managers and operating teams in the market who share our passion for sustainability as a value accretion driver. As our funds continue to make further investments in infrastructure and the natural capital sectors, we are well positioned to meet the needs of ESG-conscious investors. We take pride in bringing together like-minded institutional investors who share our world view and who embrace our important role in driving through change that will help us deliver all the goals of COP26.


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