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“As an active asset manager building multiple sustainable investment platforms, we are aspiring to act as a catalyst in the development of the next generation
of ESG standards and responsibilities for private markets investments”

— Stavros Siokos Ph.D, Managing Partner

Our responsibilities are built around three major pillars (3P)

Our aim is to make private capital work smarter and as ethically as possible, creating rewarding investment opportunities for our investors, in a great working environment for our team while at the same time improving the life of as many people as possible.  

Our approach in business is founded around three main pillars: People, Performance and Principles. 

Our main principles are:

  • Only Partner with considerate and ethical people. You can never do a good deal with a bad person
  • Build and maintain a top-quality team where everyone is rewarded according to their contribution and teamwork
  • Invest in strategies that have a positive impact on the world in which we live 
  • Always be honest and transparent with everyone
  • Be critical but fair and accept constructive criticism
  • Protect the interests of our investors, shareholders, colleagues and the general world and environment we live in

We believe private capital must be a force for good, not only through our investment in sustainable real assets that aims to improve society and the economy, but also through giving directly to philanthropic organizations. Since its inception, Astarte has committed to donating a portion of its profits to support impoverished communities throughout India and East Africa as well as educating non-privileged children around the world.

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