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We seek to identify specialist areas of real assets in the core plus/value-add spectrum that are often difficult to access either due to scale or complexity, and form partnerships with specialist operating experts to deliver the respective investment strategy and offer investors attractive returns.

Our innovative operating model allows the asset operators to focus on operating performance and us to focus on business development and on-going fund management with a strong degree of alignment of interests

ESG is core to Astarte’s investment approach and is fully integrated across the firm and all our portfolio partners as a comprehensive and proactive framework to assess, create and measure impact. Our framework is not only backward looking but also has forward looking, concrete and measurable targets to ensure we deliver impact.


We target opportunities predominantly in the following areas that are supported by macroeconomic trends that will shape the economy for years to come, including climate change, population growth, demographic shifts and resource scarcity:


Smart CitiesDigital InfrastructureWaste & Water ManagementEnergy Storage

Natural Capital

ForestryRenewable EnergySustainable AgricultureAquaculture


ShippingSpecialty AviationFuture MobilityElectric Vehicles

Specialist Real Estate

EducationFuture CoreHealthcareIndustrial Logistics

We invest in Real Assets with the following characteristics:

Medium-long lived hard assets that have the potential to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns with reasonable downside protection

Able to generate stable cash flows and produce returns from both yield and capital appreciation

Likely to benefit by demographic growth, or are positively affected by industry changing technological advances

Of demonstrated and visible commercial value

Attractive to a broad spectrum of investors(e.g. pensions, family offices, etc.)

Limited access to alternative capital solutions

Either non-cyclical or in case that they are cyclical they are close to the bottom of the corresponding cycle