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Teresa Farmaki recognized as one of the "The Top Women in Growth Equity and Private Equity of 2020"

June 16 2020

We are pleased to announce that Teresa Farmaki was among the awerdees of GrowthCap’s inaugural Top Women in Growth Equity and Private Equity awards.

GrowthCap decided to initiate an awards list focused on women leaders in the private equity industry to provide our audience of private company CEOs, founders and senior executives a closer look at the firms that they may be considering as capital partners.  Moreover, they wanted to provide the thousands of pensions, endowments and other institutional limited partners in their audience information on specific individuals who are performing at the top of their peer set.

The individuals selected for The Top Women in Growth Equity and Private Equity of 2020 are those who have demonstrated deep expertise in private company investing, portfolio management, firm operations as well as business expansion strategy and execution.  Moreover, they have demonstrated a high level of consistent professional performance over a sustained period of time.

Please find mre information on the awards and fellow awardees in the link below:

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